Organizational leadership paper, management homework help

need to present and
discuss a real life management problem in a practical business context. The main goal of this assignment is how much you can analyze and synthesize
relevant issues
from what you learned (and will learn) in your class,
and apply theories to the management

1. Requirement: Search recent business news or cases OUTSIDE of your

Possible sources:

  Business Week



  Harvard Business Review

  The Wall Street Journal or other similar

  Websites: Knowledge @ Wharton

  Use Business Source Premier with your interesting topic keywords

  Google with your interesting topic keywords

Possible topics:

  Leader’s perception and decision making bias

  Successful leader – how she/he became successful?

  Unethical leader – can come with unethical company case

  Cognitive ability and Emotional intelligence of leader

  How to motivate your employee

  Abusive supervisor – Workplace Bullying

  Improving Employee Job Satisfaction

  Encouraging Ethical Behavior in Employees (e.g. consider the impact
of their actions on climate change, ensure the safety of others, consider how
actions impact multiple stakeholders)

  How leader builds corporate culture

  How leader can change the organization

I. Summary (15 points)

this section, please summarize your choice of article. It should be about 1-2
paragraphs, and less than one page.

II. Define the main
problem/issue (15 points)

this section, please try to find the main problem/ issue from your choice of
article. The main problem/ issue can be similar to what your chosen article
author is arguing. On the other hand, you may not agree with the author’s point
of view. Please describe whether you agree/disagree with the author, and would
like to add a point with your own opinion. It should be about 1-2 paragraphs,
and less than one page.

III. Application (50

is the most important section of
this assignment. Try to find related theory from your textbook or lecture note
and apply to your chosen article. For example, if you choose to study on
employee job satisfaction, you need to describe (1) how job satisfaction can be
defined (or measured) in the organization, (2) what other things are related to
job satisfaction, and (3) what leader should know to improve job satisfaction
based on what we learn (will learn). For other topics, application should be
different from the example above. I am expecting to see at least THREE
application points from our course material. This section should be more than 2.5 pages.

IV. Conclusion (15

is a short paragraph of what you have discussed through the assignment. It
should be about 1-2 paragraph and less than a half page.

V. Reference and
Appendix (5 points)

section is not included in your total page. You should include the
article you searched with the web address. Also, if possible, you need to copy
the article in the appendix, so I can check the article that you searched for
the assignment. 

Format: Please make sure to
include following items in your assignment with subheadings for each
section. Excluding exhibits and attachments, with 12-point font, double
spacing, and one-inch margins. 4 pages.

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