The word ‘hot’ is vague. How hot is hot?, Critical thinking questions help

Example Expected Response 3

Example:  Ava told
Noah she was hot.

Response:  The word
‘hot’ is vague.  How hot is hot?  Hot for me may be different that it is for
you; therefore, it is subjective and vague.

NOTE:  There are 5 examples of vagueness and 5
examples of ambiguity.  For each example
you will identify if it vagueness, semantic ambiguity or syntactical ambiguity.  This component is worth five points.  You will earn five points for your

1.Please cook this
steak longer. 

2.Charles drew his

3.Based on our
analysis of your eating habits, we recommend that you lower your consumption of
saturated fat.

4.The Raider tackle
threw a block at the Giants linebacker.

5.With her enormous
bottom exposed to the sky, Ellen watched the Titanic slowly sink.

6.Abraham Lincoln
wrote the Gettysburg address while traveling from Washington to Gettysburg on
the back of an envelope.

7.CAUTION: To avoid
unsafe levels of carbon monoxide, do not set the wick on your kerosene stove
too high.

8.Anyone behaving
immorally will be severely punished.

forecast:  Cloudy with a chance of rain.

10.Aunt Amy does not
use glasses.

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