10 Paper and Presentation Assignment

the topic is about Alzheimer theses are

1-access 2- preparation (education) 3-psychological 4- support (family social)

please include the following:

Hook the reader in with an important quote or statistics or short story etc.

Why your topic is important to direct and indirect stakeholders, make the clear case why everyone needs to understand the significance of your topic

All major historical landmarks related to your topic (Court cases, policies, accomplishments, breakthroughs, advancements, time lines etc.)

Define important terms and jargon words

pleas take care about the reverence and include after each sentence you need to use it with

Include important expert ideas, quotes, statistics, theories etc.

Build the background of your topic to the point where it logically leads to point(s) you are trying to argue (your thesis)

Include a transitional sentence that links the intro to the next section (Body Paragraphs)

In general: the intro/background sections should answer (3) major questions:

1.) What is this topic?

2.) Why is this topic important and why should one read about it?

3.) What can be done to address/take action toward the topic in some way?

The following web site (Purdue Owl) is a very good sources for the basics on what should be included in each aspect of the paper: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/owlprint/724/

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