Analysis Jacks case

Case Study

Jack and Diane are each 13 years old and are best friends. On September 12, 2012, Jack asked Diane to meet him at Moe’s Convenience Store. While in the store,
Jack steals three packs of gum and a candy bar. Jack hands Diane two boxes of candy to place in her purse. Diane places the candy in her purse. The store owner,
Moe, notices Diane place items in her purse. As Jack and Diane exit the store, Moe calls their names and runs after them. Jack pushes Moe to the ground and
exits with Diane.
Moe calls the police and reports the theft. The police apprehend Jack and Diane a few blocks away from the store. The police only retrieve the boxes of candy
from Diane but not the packs of gum or the candy bar taken by Jack. The police escort Jack and Diane to the police station where they question them for two
hours regarding the theft. Diane confesses her and Jack’s role in the theft. Jack denies any wrongdoing. The police charge Jack and Diane with theft and also
charge Jack with simple assault. Their hearings are within the state‐mandated time after they are petitioned to appear in the local juvenile court

Answer the following question basing them on the case study and internet. When using internet please cite with APA

a) Were Jack’s due process and constitutional rights violated during the investigation process? Explain your arguments

b) Were Jack’s due process and constitutional rights violated during the hearing process? Explain your arguments.

c) If you were the defense attorney, what arguments would you make in defense of Jack? Defend your response.

d) If you were the prosecutor, what arguments would you make in prosecution of Jack? Defend your response.

e) Describe how Jack’s case would have been handled differently in the federal system. How would the process be different?

f) Determine what would be an appropriate court‐ordered option for Jack. Explain why this option is appropriate.

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