CHFD445 Week 6 DQ

Divorce Session: You have been selected as a facilitator for a session during a Premarital Workshop. The subject of your session, you’ve just learned is “Divorceproofing Your Marriage”. You will need to, of course, prepare to lead the Week 6 breakout session during this Premarital Workshop, so you begin to research information on risk-factors of divorce, ways to avoid divorce, normative and nonnormative family stressors, how divorce impacts the family, children of divorce and the list goes on. You decide to focus on “Normative and Nonnormative Family Stressors and the Impact For Divorce”.

For this week’s forum:

For the purpose of planning and meeting the requirements of this week’s forum, list and describe the 10 Key Strategies to Understanding and Minimizing Stressors Within A Marriage & Divorceproofing Your Marriage” (this would be a list that you have created as a result of your research). Please ensure that you provide support of these strategies. As you read through the lists posted by your peers, please present questions to them that will in turn help them to refine and gain an even deeper understanding of these strategies and the impact of divorce.

Please use APA formatting and in text cititation

Please No Plagiarism

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