Current challenges of Human resource planning

Please read the assignment guidelines carefully.

AIM: This assignment assesses the learning outcomes of the Research Methods for Business module.

To this end, you are asked to devise a research project using secondary data, and to analyse your

results on one of the following topics:

  • A study on the Use of Information Technology in Human resource planning.
  • A study on the role of women entrepreneurs in the growth of Oman.
  • A study on the Sources of Finance in the Manufacturing Sector in Oman.
  • The topic has to be approved by your module tutor

    Please note that the total word count excludes appendices. Appendices contain supporting

    information and for this assignment little supporting information should be needed beyond that

    identified in the tasks or guidelines. The recommended (approximate) number of words for each part

    of the assignment gives guidance on the required extent of analysis (i.e. approximates to the marks

    allocated to a task).

    The assignment should be appropriately presented in numbered sections and sources of information

    must be according to the Harvard Reference system. (You are required to provide minimum of 10

    Journal references, 5 book references and 5 reliable website references).

    The assignment is to be completed individually.

    ***End of the Assignment Task***

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