I​ntegrating Peer Support into Human Services

This week’s readings and video introduce a new phenomenon in the field of human services: the use of “non-clinical” interventionalists, referred to as peer support or recovery coaches.

In the video by SAMHSA (found under “Required Readings” for this module), the experts assert that those in a peer-support role draw on “lived experience” to provide non-clinical, strength-based, reciprocal care to service recipients. Please provide your reaction to this method of intervention for those living with mental illness and/or substance use disorders.

Select three of the following human service needs (poverty, substance use, homelessness, transition from prison, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, or youth in transition to adult) and describe a situation for each as to how peer support intervention can be used to enhance the care of the person in need.

Discussion question responses should be at least 200-300 words. Your responses in the discussion board must be well written according to and APA Requirements


Dear writer I have enclosed the folloowing links to assist with answering the questions. These are the materials we used this week.

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