John Green Week 4 Discussion

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Perdue farms is one of the biggest producers of poultry in the United States. Since the United States has a mixed economic system, Perdue is affected by both types of governmental types (Capitalism & Socialism). I will be discussing the environmental effects that Perdue has on our country. The approach our government has on the issue of pollution would be a socialistic approach. “Environmentalism is a social and political movement that works toward protecting the natural environment from destruction or pollution.” (Fieser, 2015). There is even a government agency that’s job is to regulate emissions by these factory farms. Regulations on factory farms vary widely from state to state, and sometimes even on the county level. The EPA has regulations in place for emissions emitted by factory farms. “Many factory farms require National Pollutant Discharge Elimination permits pursuant to the Federal Clean Water Act.” ( Sometimes the EPA gives states the right to regulate emissions of factory farms with their own regulatory agency. Sometimes government bodies set national limits on a certain emission and then share out the rights to emit the pollution across various companies. (Fieser, 2015). This helps to set limits that are achievable for the companies, and helps protect the environment from harmful effects. There is funding available to help reduce emissions from factory farms. I believe every farm should join this movement to improve the quality of our air and water.

  The environmental responsibility would lie on the shoulders of Perdue and the EPA, and in some cases state or county governments as well. “Current economic growth is not environmentally sustainable, and we are undermining our own habitat and health.” (Fieser, 2015).  I agree with the books example that people and companies are arrogant in assuming that we can tame nature for our purposes and for our own short-term goals. (Fieser, 2015). It also states that the Earth and its vast range of habitats and living creatures deserve respect and protection from humanity’s greed for resources. (Fieser, 2015).  Resources are being used up at alarming rates and the world’s population growth is out of control. In my opinion this makes our environmental conditions everyone on Earths responsibility. I usually don’t implore the utilitarianism theory very often in my posts, but in the case of the environment I believe it is a good fit for the problem. I think that Perdue and similar factory farming companies should strive to create the greatest good for the greatest number of people in the case of the environment. By self-regulating their emissions with the help of the EPA, they could positively affect everyone on the planet in one way or another. This would be a prime example of utilitarianism and I believe that this would result in the best outcome for everyone involved.

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