Modern Civil Rights, Women’s Rights

America became increasingly suburbanized in the 1950s with “the American Dream” for many upwardly mobile. It also experienced a re-emergence of civil rights movements for women, African-Americans, among others. In what ways did these two Americas co-exist? How did prosperity and poverty co-exist?

In what ways did civil rights groups struggle for these rights? Why did these movements gain strength in the 1960s? What role did independent groups play and what role did the government play?

What was the Feminine Mystique? What did Betty Friedan mean with this term? What role did it play with an emerging feminism? What role did the birth control pill play?

A minimum of three paragraphs (each paragraph should be a minimum of 5 sentences), with analysis of the questions in each discussion, no later than Friday. 

APA Format with 2 references also

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