Project section and Evaluation for the final paper

Submit your thesis including the 5-6 pages of the Project section and Evaluation you have been developing for the past several weeks. See the guidelines listed below for the Project section.

CLICK on the link to submit your Assignment. See the Rubric attached to the assignment for guidance. DO NOT USE BOOKS-Instructors cannot verify those sources (if you must use a book-keep to a minimum-AND scan/copy/paste the actual content and provide it to the instructor. Recommend you use articles from WU Library databases.

Following the Methodology chapter will be the Project chapter. This chapter will consist of at least five pages of dialogue on how you designed your project and how you plan to implement it.

I have attached the my paper that you has the topic that you need to develop. and for your reference I have attached another peer’s paper that you can use as reference for to add those sections.

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