Respond to two classmates discussion on Anthropologist concept

I have provided my discussion and the anthropological concept list

Peer Response Guidance: Continue the conversation by responding to the initial posts of at least two peers. Look first for peers who selected different anthropological concepts than you chose. In your peer responses, examine whether your peers appropriately defined and applied culture, subculture, enculturation, and at least two other anthropological concepts to the scenario. Ask questions and offer suggestions if you think the concepts are being defined or applied inaccurately.

1.) classmate Alex discussion

The Family that is new to the community is probably coming from a different culture with a different set of norms. I think many of them are unsure of how to adapt to the new social norms of the new culture. The new family may also be trying to hold onto their past culture, the ideas and beliefs on which they were raised, so they are not trying to assimilate into our culture. The new family may be refugees and trying to save money by living together, it is also common in other cultures for family to stay and live together. The Kids in school are probably trying to figure out the new norms and while their food may be weird to us it is normal and part of their regular diet to eat those foods. These are all assumptions into the ideas of the family, and they may view themselves and their culture as above or better than our culture here. While its tough to say, I think that the new family should be looked at with open eyes and we can expand our knowledge of others in the world in which we live.

2.) Classmate Nichole

This weeks topic is interesting. During family gatherings on both my side and my husband’s side, I have heard some extended family members saying similar things and judging and jumping to conclusions just by what they observed and feel is odd. I myself try to be as open-minded as I can be, with two special needs children I know how it feels to be judged by people who have no idea what your real life is like all they judge you by is what they see based on their own opinions that everyone is “normal”. So this is definitely a scenario I would try to insert myself into to try and remind family members not to be so judgy just on what we see.

Let us start with how they just don’t seem to fit in, they just moved the town. That means the way people do things here may be different than how they did things were they lived before or they are still trying to settle in and get used to their new town. Now we can address the rest, they could also be from a foreign country where their culture is completely different and the roles of men and women differ from our culture. In some cultures, women can’t speak in public and some children don’t go to school. The children at school and moms walking could have a similar reason for not interacting or talking. The culture roles could play a huge part and they may also not be fluent in English, meaning they don’t understand everything we are saying or may not know the correct words to have a conversation with someone else. The number of people living in the home may seem high to some people but some cultures have an entire family under one roof and that wouldn’t be odd to them at all because its what they have always done. Just because their ways seem odd just might be a difference in the way they do things and that can be based on their culture and how they were raised. That doesn’t mean people are up to no good. In this scenario there is a cousin who studied abroad for a while, I would also ask that person to chime in and explain his/her experience in a place where he/she may have culturally out of place so to speak.

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