Salesperson Performance Questions, marketing homework help

president of Part-I-Tyme, manufacturer of salty snack foods, was dismayed over
the dismal sales results reported for the first six months. A new product, a
deluxe cookie, had been tested and consumers’ responses were very positive.
Part-I-Tyme’s sales force consisted of 500 individuals in 25 sales district
around the country.  They called on
buyers for grocery chains and large restaurant chains. Over the years, the
company had developed an excellent reputation with their customers. Part-I-Tyme’s
president was convinced the product would be well received by the company’s
customers and sales force had not really been enthusiastic about the product. How
would you determine the nature of the problem? Can you use the model of salesperson
performance in this situation?

many different kinds of tests exist, their ability to predict sales performance
has been weak. How do you account for this?  

A sales representative
for High Speed Technologies is faced with a demand from an important customer that
is in direct conflict with company policies. The customer wants several product
modifications with no change in price. What can the sales rep do to handle this

The sales force
at Fire Protection Systems, a manufacturer of fire prevention systems for
industrial applications, have been told they will now have to sell small fire
extinguishers to the retail market. They have never sold in the retail market, and
the company is going up against much larger competitors that have sold in that market
for many years. What role problems are likely to occur?

Maria Gomez-Simpson,
a customer service rep with GRA-JUS Associates, spends considerable time traveling
to various customer offices. As a result, she often arrives home late. Maria asked
the manager if she can rearrange her Thursday work schedule to allow her to
attend evening class at a local college. Which of the following statements best
reflects how to manage the conflict by Maria’s request?

we’re talking about only one night, go ahead, sign up for the course, and we’ll
work out the details.”

need to discuss this first to see if there is some way you can be back most of
the Thursday in time for your course and still get the job done as well.”

know that you get home late on certain days, but is still part of the job. Maybe
you can take the course some other time.”

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