Theories and Crisis; As well as Self Help assignments

of Crisis Intervention


theories are presented briefly in your text as they refer to crisis
responding. Theories offer clinicians increased understanding of the
human reactions to crisis as well as guide the clinicians’ choices of
interventions. Theories are identified as pertinent to both crisis
and crisis intervention. Summarize the contributions of at least two
counseling theories that you can relate to the Equilibrium Model
introduced in this unit.



about trauma and its treatment through reading, video clips, and
other materials, is inherently traumatic and can trigger emotions in
anyone – especially new counselors who are in the midst of academic
stressors, who bring their own personal histories to the table, and
who are still learning how to cope with the feelings that being a
clinician can raise. Developing a self-care plan and committing to it
helps you understand how challenging it can be for clients to engage
in the self-care we ask of them.

the course, you will be viewing video clips and hearing and reading
stories that are defined as crises that may be upsetting to you. It
is important to prepare yourself for how you will take care to avoid
vicarious traumatization, or second-hand trauma. Describe what
personal and professional challenges you might face in dealing with
client crises, and how you will implement effective self-care

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