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In preparation for this assessment, you are to select an organization to use as the one receiving a new training and development program. ( Note: The organization can be real or fictitious.) Consider the needs of the organization to select a training topic, or you may use the Capella library to research training topics.


For this assessment complete the following:

  • Create a training scenario for your training topic. Consider the following for your scenario:
    • Describe the training topic in general terms (such as improving communications or safety awareness).
    • Why is this training needed?
    • Assess the strategic impact of the training topic on the organization. (Think in terms of the long term impact of the training program.)
    • Who is to be trained?
    • How many are being trained?
  • Develop a training needs analysis (TNA) for your topic. ( Note: For the purposes of this assessment, you are not expected to actually conduct the TNA. Instead, research using the Internet, or by meeting with subject matter experts (SMEs) to determine what you want trainees to learn and create the information as if it is based on a TNA.) Consider the following in your analysis:
    • Identify what the trainees know or what they can do before the training.
    • Identify what the trainees should know or be able to do after they have completed the training and development program.
    • Summarize the results of your research or provide a set of the questions you would ask SMEs if you were to meet with them.
  • Develop 3–5 specific training objectives for your training topic. ( Hint: Using Bloom’s Taxonomy, create your objectives based on what you have determined the trainees should know, or be able to do, after attending the training program.)
  • Design a training and development program for your topic that considers:
    • How long will the training be?
    • Will there be one or more training sessions?
    • Will those who facilitate the training be internal or external instructors?
    • How would a distance learning module enhance a trainee’s learning experience?
    • Where will the training be held?
    • How will learners be motivated to learn?
    • Who is the intended audience for the training?
    • How will the training program design support employee development?

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