Writing Eassy

The topic for this essay will be pertaining homeschooling.

Basic Format for Argumentative Paper

I. Introduction

        A. Gain reader’s attention and interest
              1. tell a brief story
              2. give a startling statistic
              3. use a strong quotation

        B. Establish background for your reader
              1. history of the situation
              2. how it developed

        C. Provide thesis statement

II. Address the opposition

        A. State what the other side of the issue is

        B. Provide a rebuttal

III.Present your position

        A. Present evidence

              1. facts
              2. logical, unemotional reasons
              3. statistics
              4. expert opinion
              5. examples
        B. Use order of increasing interest or importance

IV. Conclusion

        A. Future of the situation

        B. Plan of action

Supplemental Instruction: The requirement for this essay is times new roman 12 font, double spaced,    and 2 page minimum.

Note: No references required.

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