GPS Jewelry Idea

It is about GPS Jewelry Idea Project

I attached two files, one of them is the example and the other one is the one which needs to adjust

in each section I did, I need two- six sentences more, (no need to do the empty sections) and I also need four survey questions with the answers (multiple choices)

and here is more explaining

“I think the most interesting were temperature, heartbeat and a range of area they should be in. A good point for kids is temperature – they hate it being taken and this would allow parents to know if they aren’t feeling well at any time, especially at school.

In class we talked about using a sticker for the kid. Like a clear strip that would go on their back so it wouldn’t bother them and they couldn’t remove it. This would be deviating from jewelry, but it looks like there are already tons of GPS options out there for kids.

This would be pushing reality like what she wants because the products available now have a battery and have to be replaced. We would have to figure out how to power the tracker. If it were on the body, could the body heat charge it? He said the technology doesn’t have to be developed yet. I read reviews for the Tile and that was the biggest complaint is that after the battery dies you just have to replace the product.”

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