food waste in Maryland from consumers

The research exercise is designed to familiarize the student with the technique of note-taking and documentation. Choice of topic must reflect the readings from this unit and will typically revolve around either food waste or agricultural workers’ conditions (subject to the advice and consent of the instructor). Research must utilize a minimum of five approved sources and the completed paper must be preceded by an annotated bibliography and an outline/synopsis. The overall grade for the research paper will be broken down into three parts: Proposal/Rough Draft, Annotated Bibliography, Final Draft. For the proposal, student is required to choose a topic, propose legislation or policy related to that topic, outline effects of the legislation or policy, identify stakeholders and their positions, justify why this solution is best, and identify two potential sources. We will discuss this in detail in class. Rough draft requires at least 3-4 pages of rough text, including at least three citations.Food Waste:

John Oliver on Food Waste:

Jonathan Bloom’s blog (please look at the About tab to learn more on the author):

Other food waste views:

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