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Select one work of architecture featured in the text.

We will choose these W2 in class to avoid too much duplication.

Using the building that you selected as an example, explain how a building acts as a kind of sculpture to transform the space around it. 

Select one work of sculpture for an example that you feel would amplify the message that your selected building communicates to onlookers. This example can be from your book or from sculptures in your community.

Examples of free art and architecture are everywhere: Phoenix City Hall; ornate or visually compelling churches, cathedrals and temples; the sculpture That Which Might Have Been, Sculpture of four Black girls killed in the Civil Rights era, located on the grounds of Universalist Church at 4027 E. Lincoln Drive in Paradise Valley; public art in parks, neighborhood and downtown areas; Tempe Center for the Arts; and a sculpture of University of Phoenix founder John Sperling located at the entrance to our Main Campus.

Present a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation of 5 to 10 slides plus an APA formatted Reference slide with your explanation of how the building and the sculpture might work together to create a unified message.

Submit your PowerPoint or link to a Prezi presentation in the Assignment Submission

Include the following:

  • When was the building created?
  • Where is it located?
  • What is the building’s original purpose?
  • Who was the architect? What was his or her background and nationality?
  • When was the sculpture created?
  • Who was the sculptor? What was her or his background and nationality?
  • If applicable, where was the sculpture originally located?
  • For what purpose was the sculpture originally created?
  • Why do you think the building and sculpture go together or complement each other?

Compare the form and function of your selected building and sculpture with the form and function of crafts and decorative arts found within your home or another environment, such as a school, restaurant, or public building (2-slides). For example, for sculpture you might compare with one of the following:

  • Table settings and decorations
  • Jewelry
  • Wall decorations
  • Textiles
  • Crafts
  • Vases and flowers

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