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3.Pick one of the concerns you listed in the previous question and examine it in further detail with consideration given to the basic points of negotiating a win-win solution. this was due due 2 days ago I will have points taken off due to being late 2days 20 points

4.Assume you are Ron and a customer has expressed the following concern: “We don’t want you delivering during banking hours. Bringing in big boxes of supplies will upset our operations and our customers who are here trying to conduct business. Our current supplier makes deliveries before 6:30 in the morning and I don’t see any need to change.” How to you response 

This question is do wednesday. Contact a professional who works with salespeople or conduct online research into the profession. This exercise can be done with physicians who have reps call on them, professors who have sales reps call on them, as well as professional purchasing agents. What do they think of salespeople and the value that these professionals get from their salespeople? What separates the good salespeople from the ones that are not so good?

Make sure you support your initial post with credible research.

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