Criminal Justice: Identifying the root causes of violent political extremism

Present a comprehensive discussion of defining terrorism and identifying the root causes of violent political extremism. Based on the material covered in Martin’s textbook and the articles available in the Supplementary Reading Packets, provide your own definition of terrorism and defend it.

Additional Guidelines:

1.  Your paper should include a title page, an abstract, no less than 3 pages of written text (1-inch margins, 12-point font, double-spaced), and a bibliography.

2.  The body of your text will include an introduction stating the purpose of your paper, several well-formulated paragraphs of no less than five sentences with appropriate transition sentences between them, and a conclusion bringing your paper to an orderly close.

3.  You must at least two articles from the Supplementary Reading Materials as primary sources for your paper.

4.  Your entire paper – from the layout to the citations – must conform to APA format.

Supplementary Reading Materials:

American Behavioral Scientist-2001-COOPER-881-93.pdf

American Behavioral Scientist-2005-Bolechou00a6u00fcw-783-94(2).pdf

American Behavioral Scientist-2005-Duff-758-63.pdf

American Behavioral Scientist-2005-Galicki-743-57.pdf

American Behavioral Scientist-2008-Schwartz-1394-9.pdf

International Relations-2002-Wheeler-205-25.pdf

International Relations-2007-Walzer-480-4.pdf

Journal of Conflict Resolution-2006-Ferrero-855-77.pdf

Journal of Conflict Resolution-2007-Clauset-58-87(2).pdf

Journal of Peace Research-2006-Gray-23-36.pdf

Journal of Peace Research-2011-Sandler-279-86.pdf

Security Dialogue-2003-van Ham-427-44.pdf

American Behavioral Scientist-2001-BLAZAK-982-1000.pdf

American Behavioral Scientist-2002-LEE-927-57.pdf

American Behavioral Scientist-2007-Bar-Tal-1430-53.pdf

Int J Offender Ther Comp Criminol-2003-Weatherston-698-713.pdf

International Journal of Comparative Sociology-2005-Lauderdale-3-10.pdf

Journal of Conflict Resolution-2006-Burgoon-176-203.pdf

Journal of Conflict Resolution-2007-Tessler-305-28.pdf

Journal of Conflict Resolution-2007-Wade-329-48.pdf


Martin, G. (2012). Understanding
terrorism: Challenges, perspectives, and issues (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA:
Sage Publications. 
ISBN: 9781452205823

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