English paper

write a 500 – 600 word story about a single moment or event in your life. Your story can focus on a moment that was funny, suspenseful, meaningful, or exciting. Use creative language and rich detail to bring your short story to life . Remember to write with your chosen audience and purpose in mind.


You may choose any topic that allows you to tell a short, interesting personal story. Remember, it can be funny, suspenseful, meaningful, or exciting, but it must be focused on one small event. For example, you could write about traveling to Denmark. You would not want to write about the entire trip. Choose just one event – an afternoon spent bicycling on an island, or your first taste of smoked herring, or visiting the childhood home of Hans Christian Anderson – and tell a story about that event in detail.

Below are some ideas:

  • First – Think of a “first” in your life and describe that moment in detail
  • Proud Moment – Choose a moment during which you felt a sense of pride about an accomplishment.
  • Adversity – Describe a time you had to think or act quickly to overcome a challenge
  • Traveling – Think of a memorable experience you had while traveling

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