ePortfolio Introduction First Draft

The total ePortfolio intro is required 1300 Words. This is the first draft, three pages, so I do not need the complete paper.

See the ePortfolio prompt for more guidance. (Please read it carefully!!!) The paper in this quarter I will upload below. The most important is the HCP and AP.

Remember that a strong opening will include a thesis—i.e., an overall argument or claim about your development in this class, which you will back up with evidence (that is, specific examples of your own work) in the rest of the Reflective Introduction. This argument/claim could involve your development related to research, thesis-writing, critical thinking, structure/arrangement/organization, reading/note-taking, revision/editing, or something else entirely (or some combination of the above). The questions on the ePortfolio prompt will likely be very helpful here to get you thinking.

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