Java Script Assignment

For this project you will need four to five images or pictures. They can be from a hobby or interest of yours or maybe a vacation.

You will store the images in an images folder but you will display only one image at a time on the page. Create five buttons on the page, each one will have a name that describes one of the pictures (e.g. scene from the beach, scene from the park, etc). When the user clicks on one of the buttons, you will display the picture related to that button (e.g. the beach picture).

You will use the Javscript skills you have learned thus far (images, functions, document object model) to make the page work.

Your page will also have two additional buttons that will allow the user to resize the current image. One button will resize it to a larger size and one button will resize it to a smaller size. You should accomplish this by reseting the width and height attributes of the image tag. You can use the examples from Tutorials Point as a starting point.

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