kafkas metamorphisis

“The Metamorphosis” is a story about an apocalypse. This is not the end of the world necessarily as we see it occur in “By the Waters Of Babylon,” where cities lie in ruins. But remember that apocalypse means “a lifting of the veil or revelation.” For Gregor, turning into a bug is not just a metamorphosis but a sort of apocalypse, the catalyst that reveals an ugly truth to him. After he had wrapped up so much of his identity in caring for and providing for his family, they ultimately rejected him in his time of need.

Think about the character of Gregor Samsa and the transformation of identity that he goes through.

Write a literary analysis paper of no less than 400 words.

Introduction: Provide a brief summary of the story and a general description of what “absurd” means.

First body paragraph: Describe Gregor’s identity.

  • What was the essence of his identity?
  • What did he care most about?
  • What were Gregor’s goals in life?
  • As a human being, who was Gregor Samsa?
  • (Hint: Look back at your chart from page four of this lesson.)
  • Use at least two quotes from the story.

Second body paragraph: Describe how Gregor’s identity deteriorates.

  • What inhuman qualities does Gregor begin to display? (Physical, behavioral, etc.)
  • How does the loss of his job affect his identity?
  • How does his family’s behavior toward him affect his identity and his attitude?
  • What brings joy or meaning to Gregor’s life as a bug?
  • Why does Gregor starve himself? What is his attitude toward his own death?
  • As a bug, who was Gregor Samsa?
  • Use at least two quotes from the story.

Conclusion: Is Gregor Samsa’s identity destroyed or purified through his metamorphosis?

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