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1. Based on this weeks and last week’s materials, the Indian Removal plans/policies emerged from the overall concept of the United States greed to seek acquisition on all land without consideration of previous ownership from Indigenous heritage. Leading up to Andrew Jackson’s Indian removal act, there were warfare sacrifices made like the Battle of Tippecanoe and the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. Along came the Treaty of Holston and many others which triggered removal plans to spark. While Andrew Jackson consistently pressured Native Americans to assimilate to American culture, it aided the process for his policy to become enacted. Imperialism and Patriotism contributed to the removal plans through myths and stories. President Andrew Jackson is known for his success in removing almost all Native Americans from their land by following Thomas Jefferson’s plan.

2. President Jackson’s First Inaugural Address portrayed a friendlier approach to mounting the relationship shared between Americans and Native Americans. The tone of voice used is more heartfelt and inviting for a resolution to occur in uniting one another. Jackson uses words like “desire, sincere, humane, and feelings” which all exemplify the upmost sincerity. His word choice has a positive effect on his audience of the American Indian tribes. It seems as if he actually cares about achieving justice for the Indian nation. I think he created this message in attempt to convince the Indigenous to assimilate to American culture and ditch their typical rituals.

In Andrew Jackson’s second address, he comes across as more aggressive. The overall message in this notifies the American Indians that if they fail to cooperate with American people they will have to give up their land and move west. Jackson’s main purpose is to trick Natives into voluntarily surrendering their land as it is advised to benefit their situation. The second address reveals President Jackson’s true intentions and views to how Natives are different than Americans. After analyzing Jackson’s speeches, I am noticing a condescending manipulative pattern used towards American Indians.

3. In Andrew Jackson’s “Letter to the Cherokee” his intended audience is the Cherokee nation. His tone resembles the aggressiveness heard throughout his “Second Inaugural Address”. To kick start his letter he reveals his reasoning behind his push for the Cherokee to settle west. He states how it could only benefit their people. Towards the end of his letter he becomes demanding in the sense that the Cherokee will begin facing consequences if they fail to evict. The main argument/purpose of this letter is to persuade the Cherokee to leave before military force is involved. The quote that stood out to me was “You are now placed in the midst of a white population” (Jackson 1825). I find this quote intriguing because he acts as if the Indigenous population hadn’t been settled on the land prior to his peoples arrival. In fact, it is actually reversed and President Jackson and his people are in the midst of a Native population.

4. In the chapter “Jackson’s White Republic” there were certain aspects of Jackson’s historical background that stood out to me. The first being that Jackson had a large plantation with African slaves. Also he was commander of the Tennessee militia at one time, in which he killed Native American’s in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. These two major aspects of his background are ironic considering, he attempts to show sympathy for Native Americans later on in his career. It seems as if he has showed racial inequality practices but had the ability to be president. The two ideas seem very contradictory. A key quote that stood out to me was “Once again U.S. forces targeted civilians, destroyed food supplies, and sought to destroy every last insurgent” (Dunbar-Ortiz 102). This quote clearly shows the ongoing harm caused upon Indian civilizations. It is nothing new and had been occurring since early on in history. There is hate and cruelty apparent throughout all of the U.S.’s actions.

5. My overall thoughts/reactions/connections to this week’s materials remain disturbed and saddened for the Indigenous people. The circumstances they faced are terrible and should have never occurred nor been tolerated. I am shocked our country ever had a president as harmful as Andrew Jackson. He is no way a representation of what the United States stands by.

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