Research Paper Assignment about Two artists

You must complete a five page research paper examining a comparative discussion of two African – American artists of your choice . Give a written discussion on your View of the artist’s early life , education and works . I DO NOT EXPECT TO READ BIOS BUT WHAT IS EXPECTED IS A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THEIR LIFE EDUCATION AND WORKS

I want you to talk about two artists:

1- Robert Scott Duncanson ( African American painter)

2- William Henry Johnson ( African American painter)

– See My attached file (My class notes about these two artists), and make sure what is written is accurate and try to put the info in the paper .

– Also try to read the attached file for the assignment paper requirements ( very important).

– Please write the paper as Chicago Manual Style.

– “Place your citations in the paper and place a bibliography ( five or more Sources ) at the m of your paper . Your course textbook , videos , and lecture notes can be one of your sources”

– For more info about the two artists you can read a book called “African American Art and Artists” by Samella Lewis.

– For more info about the artist William Henry Johnson see this link

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