write a final and one more Tri- week report based on the file I submit


Title Page

  • Name of student, area of specialization, name of agency and agency supervisor,
  • dates of internship, semester and year of registration.

    Evaluation of Student’s Goals and Objectives

  • Identify the 10 objectives listed in your initial report.
  • Rate each objective as met, partially met, or not met.
  • Explain each response regarding your accomplishments or lack thereof for each
  • objective. Include a copy of your initial report with this document.

    The Internship Experience

  • Description of internship focusing on your evaluation of what you learned and
  • how it has assisted you with your professional development. Point out highlights

    and disappointments of the experience.

    Career Preparation

  • Thoroughly analyze the experience reflecting on your future in the workplace.
  • Describe your strengths, interests, performance, problems, needs, and concerns

    after reflecting on your internship experience.


  • On separate pages make specific and well thought out recommendations to the
  • agency and to the school for consideration regarding the internship program.


  • The notebook MUST be a three ringed notebook (NO smaller than 1” ring)
  • Include all materials that represent your internship experience (the more the
  • better).

  • Include evidence of your short and long term projects, along with the evaluation
  • sheets

  • Include copies of all forms and assignments submitted to the Internship Program
  • Coordinator

  • The notebook should include tab dividers to separate the sections of your
  • notebook. Place all hardcopies into a three-ring binder with document protectors

    to hold the forms



    Internship Tri-Weekly Report

    1. Describe the evaluation period’s experiences (include learned skills, knowledge,
    and abilities).
    2. Identify attended meetings and conferences (include formal and informal
    meetings with your agency supervisor and topics discussed.)
    3. Cite any areas of special concern at this time (include any issues related to the
    internship experience).
    4. Proposed agenda for next three weeks (include agency assignments, short and
    long term projects, accomplishment of internship goals).
    5. This assignment must be typed on a separate sheet of paper to address these
    previous points and attached to this form.

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