Answer the following question following APA Guidelines.

Read the Casa De Paz Development Project case study found at the
end of chapters 1 through 5, CPM 4e and answer the following
questions in a paper formatted using a question-response

Question 1 (taken from Unit 3) – If you were the project

manager, what expertise would you like from the sponsor,

stakeholders, or core team members to create a milestone schedule

with acceptance criteria? Minimum 250 words.

Question 2 (taken from Unit 5) – What would you want to see in a
team charter (i.e., rules of engagement) for this development
project? Is this different (Agile environment) than other
(Traditional – Suburban Homes) environments? If so, how is
it different? Minimum 250 words.

Question 3 (taken from Unit 5) – List types of decisions that
would need to be made and the appropriate person, group, or
method for each, for example, individual team member, the
collective team, scrum master, and/or product owner.

You will be assessed on content and mechanics.

Content (30 points/question): The content must be
based on the case study materials and reading assignments.
The PMBOK 6e and CPM 4e, along with other reputable resources can
be used to supplement the responses through summarizing,
paraphrasing and quoting those sources.

Mechanics (10 points): Each question response must
be at at minimum 250 words. “Minimum” is that amount
typically needed to meet expectations (to earn a “B”). To
exceed expectations (to earn an “A”), a deeper discussion is
needed. Each reference should be listed at the end of the paper
following APA guidelines. Online blogs are not acceptable
references. See Purdue OWL website for guidance on in-text

Your Instructor will use Turn-it-in to ensure your paper is
authentic work.
To avoid plagiarism, see the course home page
for more information and use the Purdue Online Writing Lab to
learn how to paraphrase, summarize and cite the references you
use in all academic writing assignments.

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