Audience Analysis for the Inlander

Discussion Board 5A: Audience Analysis for the Inlander

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The goals of this Discussion Board are for you to become familiar with the Inlander publication and then analyze their readership as the audience for your Paper 2.

Begin by reviewing the Audience Analysis section of the Lecture Notes.

Next, read through a recent copy of the Inlander or peruse the Inlander’s website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. What do you notice about the publication’s content and advertisements? Think about their purpose and ethos.

Finally, perform an Audience Analysis for your post by seeking to answer the statement: Readers of the Inlanderare ________________. Your post will be guided by the Q’s from the Lecture Notes:

  • Who are they?
  • What do they need?
  • Where will they be reading?
  • When will they be reading?
  • Why will they be reading?
  • How will they be reading?

More than simply briefly answering the bulleted questions, develop your claims with examples from the publication and using the concepts from the Lecture Notes. This will help you to dig into the material and know it better for the Paper! The more you know about the audience, the better you can reach them with your message.

Your post should be approximately 250-500 words, analyzing the readers of the Inlander who will also be your audience for Paper 2.

In addition to your own post, you must reply to a classmate’s post, offering any thoughts or comments to what they’ve said. You don’t have to agree with their post, but remember that the plan here is to cover some new ground, not to try to win insignificant arguments. Revisit the Syllabus description for the Discussion Boards if necessary.

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