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M1D1: Management: Who is a Manager and how do Managers make Decisions for the Future Based on Today’s Information?

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Forum definition showing a place online for discussionsLet’s begin our first discussion by defining the term manager. A textbook definition of a manager is a person whose role within the organization is to carry out the management process and reach company goals through other people. The managerial process includes four basic functions: planning and decision making, organizing, leading, and controlling. Let’s remember this basic management definition as we consider our discussion, as you might be surprised at what we discover at the end of the module!

Who is a manager and how do managers make decisions for the future based on today’s information?

For this discussion activity, you will complete a scavenger hunt by seeking out two examples of people who you consider to be great managers, along with two examples of folks who are not doing so well. Include some times when they made decisions (either bad or good) based on imperfect information. These examples can be from current events, historical instances, or classic examples, in video or print.

Conduct a web search seeking two examples of management functions.

  • Discuss what you found during your web search.
  • Provide a description of your selected key functions and how these affect the 21st century manager.

In response to your colleagues:

  • Discuss any personal experiences you have had with management.
  • Discuss any similarities or differences with your own perceptions.

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