Describe the difference between education and training. Discuss whether or not i

Improving police productivity is a difficult task for the
police managers. The problem is that there are no simple answers to the
difficult questions. Productivity is a complex issue requiring complex planning
and managerial actions to make improvements. Advances in productivity require that
attention be given to all aspects of the department. Police managers should
give special consideration to operations that involve large numbers of
employees who perform routine and repetitive tasks. Also functions that require
a large number of hours are another area the managers can study for
productivity improvement. The executive’s role in control and productivity is
one of providing leadership and guidance regarding what to control, what is
important to achieve, and how the organization fits into the broader framework
of society. If I were the chief I would
use employee incentives and awards to maintain a high level of productivity, it
would be my goal to make sure all of my officers at every level knew that they
were doing a good job, what, if any, changes they needed to make, and to know
that they all are appreciated. I would make sure that I involved everyone in my
decision making process, I would come up with my plan and present to my mid-level
managers and then I would make the appropriate changes if any are needed then I
would present to my line officers and make sure everyone agreed and was
comfortable with it. Obviously there will be times when I have to make a decision
that I cannot involve everyone in but the decisions I could allow input on I
would get everyone’s input on it.

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