Editing-Draft Research paper

Edit and add 2 more pages to it.

Please Open the PDF file and JPG file and follow the instructor.

In my Research paper I mention about Iranian and Persian but I don’t want to audience get confuse so if you can add in the first paragraph that “Generally, “Persia” today refers to Iran because the country formed over the center of the ancient Persian empire and the majority of its original citizens inhabited that land. Modern Iran is comprised of a large number of different ethnic and tribal groups”. I don’t want to be long and I got that from the link bellow that you can use!


Why are Traditional stories not in more contemporary animation?!

-And we need to know What are the Traditional stories?

-What is being told cont. animation?

-Why aren’t the “old”stories told today or used today in the Iranian media?!

Which In my research I already talk about them but I should be more specific and use the format that I attached as a JPG for u.

Main point:



In Iranian culture from the elementary school we learned about famous poems and the meaning behind them and how the stories told but in the Iranian media they just want to use religion content on their short animation or stories that been told thru media.

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