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First of all, I attached  the
article in the file you can read it to understand every thing.

teacher, gave us 2 questions I write them below. each students  choose and
answered one of them .

 Now, I posted  2 participate of these
students to you below . You have to reply for 2 students at least 90  words.

1- list the four sessions each module PBL
project need to set up ? 

Some critics on PBL:Nowadays many graduates find it very cumbersome to engage in public communication due to some underlying reasons. Problem-based learning (PBL) approach can somehow address this issue but not to the perfection. By applying PBL students are actually able to effectively communicate about complex and complicated issues and make the non-expert individuals comprehend the problem. Plus, they will be able to develop their understandings and comprehensions in their educational major by applying PBL method; Nevertheless, some students are not able to effectively communicate with the experts in their field and then another approach might be applied to address this problem. Likewise, some students are suffering from self-confidence and self-esteem and since this is an psychological issue, PBL won’t necessarily help them to communicate more effectively. 

your reply ………………………

2- This article describes an engaging way for
graduates to depict their findings and receive feedback. An aspect to consider
would include: If certain feedback includes bias to either falsify or support
the study, what measures should a presenter take to validate the research?

 Addressing a biased audience can be a daunting task for a presenter. But one key step in preparing any speech is knowing the audience. By investigating the level of education and the beliefs or prejudices of the audience, the presenter should be better able to adjust his language, delivery style, presentation technique and even the content of his presentation in order to stress the facts that might effectively address a particular prejudice of the audience. For instance, in trying to convince climate change skeptics, one would focus on impacts that are inarguably the result of climate change, gathering and presenting more evidences in those areas. A presentation should always be adjusted with regards to the audience. Apresenter’s tone, confidence, body language and even his/her attire also play an evident role in persuading any audience, in addition of providing truthful and verifiable evidences backing the research presented.

your reply………………..

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