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  1. Describe the dichotomy that Louv expresses regarding that time spent in nature is declining, while studies are showing that time spent in nature impacts our health in positive ways. Give examples from the book of messages that parents and educators, and society as a whole, are conveying to children about nature. Also, give examples of studies that show the benefits to mental, physical and spiritual health from direct and even indirect association with nature. Include information from the article “The connection between green spaces and health”, also. Finally, reflect on this topic by giving examples of your own experiences, or observations.
  2. Summarize Louv’s discussion how being in natural areas can affect our senses, and also our creativity.

Pay careful attention what is being asked of you in the responses. In your responses, give page numbers which reference your response (cite at the end of each thought, paraphrase or direct quote from Louv). Try to respond mostly in your own words, but if you do lift from the book, be sure to use quotation marks, and/or correct citation. For maximum credit, for each question, use relevant examples from more than one chapter from Parts I and II (the more relevant examples, the better, within page limits). Responses should be a total of 2 pages (1.5 space, 11 pt. font); worth 30 points. Be careful with spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

Use Turnitin to submit your work. Enjoy the book!

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