Poverty Solutions

Addressing poverty can often seem like an insurmountable task. After all, how can one person make a difference? Over the years, you may have asked yourself this question once or twice. I would like to pose another question: how does theory inform our actions? Keep this question in the back of your mind as you think about solving a social problem such as poverty.

Task: Select an organization that focuses on reducing poverty and alleviates economic insecurity (globally or locally). Perhaps you have donated money in the past, volunteered in your community, or simply would like to use this homework assignment to explore a new organization.

Post your organization’s website in the class discussion and write a very brief description addressing the three (2) questions below.

Question prompt: (1) If you were to donate your time, money, and energy what organization would you choose? (2) What specific anti-poverty action(s) does your organization practice? Why is this organization meaningful to you?

At the end of the poverty discussion forum we will have a significant list of websites and organizations that are attempting to rectify poverty. Other questions to ponder:

  • What theories are driving these organizations and people?
  • How do we turn such resources in positive systemic change at all levels of society?
  • What role does morality, politics, and emotion play in maintaining impoverished conditions?
  • Is their a tipping point for homelessness in our society? How many people must be homeless or impacted by insecure housing before our society reacts?

Anti-poverty groups and organizations answer these questions and more. It is vital for us to ask critical questions and to be self-reflective: what is my role in perpetuating poverty? What is societies role in perpetuating poverty? Finally, the organizations we provide as a group are representative of the bridges between the micro and macro levels of society. In other words, link “the personal with the public,” ultimately understanding this connection is necessary for societal change.

TEXTBOOK link:http://open.lib.umn.edu/socialproblems/

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