Trimble’s “Thinking Well”

The article “Thinking Well” is uploaded as a pdf, please read it and answer the following questions:

Q1) According to Trimble, what is “unconscious writing?” What are some of the problems he associates with it? How does a student move from unconscious writing to “genuine writing?” What does this “breakthrough” signify? Finally, what role does empathy play in Trimble’s idea of genuine writing?

Q2) Trimble argues that writing is the art of creating desired effects. What are some of the desired effects of essay writing? Is this how you’ve approached the essays you’ve written? Also, Trimble offers this quote by Samuel Butler about persuasive writing: “We are not won by arguments that we can analyze, but by tone and temper, by the manner which is the man himself.” Explain this.

Q3) Trimble says, “good writing is good manners.” What does he mean? What are some of Trimble’s steps to “serving the reader?” Which do you feel are the most important and why?

Q4) Why does Trimble suggest that students imagine a reader while writing? What would this accomplish? Is this something you do as a writer?

Q5) Pick one of Trimble’s concluding thoughts and explain its significance. What is he trying to say? How does this idea help students become better writers?

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