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there are two part in the discussion, POST A and POST B, you should finish POST A first in two days and then I will give you a peer’s advertisement and let you to discuss POST B, it is not a essay so you need not write too much, each POST just need around 300 words will be okay! please do the POST A first and sent it to me, i will send material for POST B to you ASAP, thank you!

Post A

Find an advertisement for a service. Include the advertisement in your post.

Identify the promise that you think this advertisement is making.

Discuss how this advertisement might create inaccurate expectations in potential customers and what those inaccurate expectations might be.

Post B

Review the replies your peers made in Post A. Select a peer’s advertisement.

Discuss whether you think the advertisement might create inaccurate expectations.

Discuss two ways the advertisement could be clarified to reduce the likelihood of creating inaccurate service expectations.

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