A critical analysis of Spirited Away

I want a 7 pages paper with a critical analysis of the film Spirited Away. It should make an explicit
argument using an interpretation of various technical elements and social and cultural meanings
that point to the film’s ideological motivations and/or relevance. Papers should reference and
utilize concepts, terms, and broader themes from the course. Additionally, be sure to situate the
film within its period of release. Please compared or contrasted to the film I have listed.

Black Mirror “Nosedive”

Collateral 2004

Westworld “The Original”

The Wizard of Oz 1939

Pretty Woman 1990

They Charge for the Sun

Children of Men 2006

Black Mirror “San Junipero”

I have attached the proposal of the paper, please follow the proposal and comments to write this paper.

Please use simple words, do not use long sentences.

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