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The PBS slideshow titled Race: The Power of an Illusion, tells us that race is actually a modern idea meaning that society created it. Ancient civilizations did not segregate or divide people up by their skin color, rather they used social class, religion, and languages. The concept of race was created to justify inequalities among people. For example, oppressive acts such as extermination or enslavement of populations was justified, in the eyes of the oppressors, because those particular groups of people were seen as inferior.

What I found as particularly interesting was the bit on social security. It was created in 1935 to help millions of Americans after retirement, but it was not available to low-income workers, which were mostly minorities. This ended up perpetuating the segregation of certain “races” because they were disadvantaged.

This week’s readings increased my diversity consciousness because it made me realize how I categorize people by their race and that I also assume someone is a certain “race” based on their physical features and skin color.

I will use this information to inform and educate other people. If conversations come up at work or among friends I can use the facts to help inform others and try to increase their diversity consciousness.


A socially constructed race, in my opinion, is nothing more the age old adage that states ‘survival of the fittest’.  Races are constructed, or engineered for that very reason… survival.  If truth be told, what mobilization of the white race as we know in America, is nothing more than numerous European countries that ended up in the same place at the same, and decided to be a oppressor to Black and other people of color and use them to establish dominance.

The inhabitants of the United States, especially of the Northern portion, are descended from the people of England and have inherited the traits of their national character…It is common with the Franks to break their faith and laugh at it The race of Franks is faithless. (Coates. p.1. 2013)

I guess I should be, but I’m not disturbed in any way with the information that we have reviewed. The main reason is that I’ve seen a lot of this information be fore, and secondly I’ve learned that people who will do anything that they must in order to survive and achieve domination, even if someone else is enslaved or loses their life in the process.

I am learning both forgiveness and tolerance for all people.

This information has helped me have an increased consciousness.  My conversation with others of different backgrounds has been an eye opening experience.

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