Education: Discussion Board

Please respond to the following student discussion board:

1. (HM) Naturalistic teaching is when instruction is given to the student in their naturally occurring environments and situations (Barton & Harn, 2012). According to Barton and Harn (2012), there is a decent amount of research towards the use of behavioral-based methods that utilize naturalistic teaching methods. It gives the student the opportunities to increase motivation to learn and provide natural consequences. It also allows the child the generalization of skills, as he or she is learning through the natural environment (Barton & Harn, 2012).

Naturalistic teaching can be effective when it is utilized effectively for the student. It is important for students to learn in the environment they are familiar with. This will make the student more comfortable with the learning environment. By focusing on a child’s interests, I can appropriately increase the student’s willingness and motivation to learn.

2. (LD) Naturalistic teaching is a teaching style that focuses on an individual’s motivations/interests and the natural environment that the individual lives/works in (Barton & Harn, 2012). It is important for individuals to practice skills in a natural environment in order to support them generalizing the skill and applying it to all environments necessary.

In terms of effectiveness, I think naturalistic teaching is effective in many situations. All individuals can benefit from instruction in a natural environment focused on their specific interests. However, I think teaching style or interventions used should be based on the individual’s needs. While most students can benefit from this teaching style, some students may not respond to this style of teaching initially and may need different interventions. It is important to remember that every individual is different and has differing needs.

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