How Do I Measure Success

Chapter6: How Do I Measure Success?

Just as you have set realistic goals, it is equally important to set key performance indicators to measure your success. Managers often do not take the time to ask themselves, “How will I know if I am successful?” The goal of this chapter is to allow you to assess how you personally define success and the performance indicators you will use to measure your progress in reaching those goals and achieving success.

For this chapter you may choose to address the following topics. By answering and addressing the following in 5 pages.

  • What external measures of success do you value?
  • What intrinsic measures of success do you value?
  • What will be your personal key performance indicators or criteria for success as a manager? How will I document my success and why is that important?
  • What will be your personal “key performance indicators” or criteria for success?
  • How is your measure of happiness related to your definition of success?


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