Managing Employee Performance – 400-600 words with a minimum of 2 scholarly references

As the chosen project leader for the development of a new performance appraisal system at Matrix International Corporation (MIC), you continue to conduct research on some of the concerns that were voiced by senior leadership regarding the present system at Matrix. One major complaint that came directly from the employees was related to “how” feedback was provided to them during their performance appraisal reviews. Some employees viewed their treatment as “disrespectful” and the information provided about them as “inaccurate.”

Your research has provided you with some significant learnings in this area. Complete the following:

  • Discuss what differentiates “good feedback practices” from “bad feedback practices.”
  • Evaluate the impact that these different types of feedback practices may have on employees at Matrix.
  • 400-600 words with a minimum of 2 scholarly references.

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