Writing Assignment 4 HUM

Directions: Respond to the assignment below. Be as clear and concise as possible with responses. Offer specific illustrations to support your opinions, observations, and concept applications. Be sure to review the General Instructions for Writing Papers thoroughly before you begin. This paper is worth a maximum value of 25 points.

Read the following two excerpts from the readings in your textbook Arts and Culture: An Introduction to the Humanities and answer the question below.

Excerpt from Homer’s The Odyssey: pages 72-76

Excerpt from Beowulf: pages 374-376

Both of these readings feature a hero who reflects the ideals of his culture, in this case Ancient Greek civilization and Danish civilization, respectively. These characters are two of the most famous heroes in all of literature. Compare and contrast these figures as they reflect the tenets of their people and then link them to today’s concept of the “hero” or “heroic actions.” Are there any similarities to today’s concepts of heroism? The time span between these works is enormous, but do the basic human ideas ever truly age? Discuss this topic, using specific illustrations from the stories for support. It is a requirement for this paper that you use a minimum of one passage from each of the selected excerpts for illustration and support of your central argument.  Make sure that you use in-text citations for your chosen passages.

Paper Length:  3 word-processed pages, double spaced

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