writing revision essay

This is a essay revision work, need to fix those problems my professor point out, then add one more pages. Toal need to have be 5 pages, I ready finish the 4 pages essay. My professor told me, I didn’t fully understand of the article I summarized, so I need to fix my summary part .Also, I did write too many summary of the article, my professor want to me to add more responses, such as relates to some social issues, and need to connected with one more reading from this website: https://canvas.uoregon.edu/courses/114724/modules

Login name: tdong

Password : Ting0426

All these readings can use as resources. My original work is post in the attached file, and the one file is professor’s comment, the other 2 files are grading rubric and writing instruction. Total revision work will be 3 pages.

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