Ceiling on weekly working hours

The objective of this assignment is to guide you in research and in developing knowledge of the significant issues present in most professions. You may be exposed, directly or indirectly to many of these issues and will be better prepared to identify and use your best communication skills to take action, should they arise.

In an 4-6 minute presentation, select a topic you feel passionate about or one you would like to learn more about. Sample topics are below but the list is by no means exclusive. I need to approve your topic to verify it meets assignment requirements and to avoid overlap. In this speech you need to address the following:

  1. Define the issue / controversy (Who? What?)
  2. Include historical background (When? How long has it existed? Cultural history?)
  3. Include at least 1 organizational case study (Where?)
  4. Take a stand, for/against the issue and offer support for your argument. (For what purpose, Why, How)
  5. Include a slide show (minimum of 4 slides) to accompany your presentation. You are welcome to include brief, mediated support (youtube, audio, film clips) to enhance your presentation.
  6. Formal outline required

the subject is . Ceiling on weekly working hours

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