Dyslexia, writing homework help

You will be expected to review an articles from a peer-reviewed, practice-based journal in the field of learning disabilities. The reviews should be 2-3 pages.  You should also be prepared to briefly discuss your review with the class. Teaching Exceptional Children is a great example of a practice-oriented journal (http://online.sagepub.com).  These types of articles explain teaching strategies or discuss current practices for teachers.  Attach a copy of the article to your review.

the topic is

  • Dyslexia (Be careful with this one! The definition is not what you probably think it is!)
please search ERIC or PsychInfo using the library databases for articles in the area. 

When reviewing the paper ask yourself how the topic relates to students with learning disabilities and what the implications are for students and teachers.  The topic MUST be related to students with high-incidence disabilities.  Do not pick a topic about students with severe disabilities autism.  If you’re in doubt, clear it with one of us first.

thank you!

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