English 103 Discussion post D9

09 Fri

The last day this semester to drop with a “W” is November 09.

D9 topic:

Transcribe text messages or copy down the dialogue you hear in public, such as at Starbucks. Next go to the Civil War letters collected at the University of Washington, at this URL: http://content.lib.washington.edu/civilwarweb/inde…

Does the language from that era feel richer or fuller than our language today? Share your thoughts.


Here is a text conversation I had with my brother yesterday, just for some context, we were talking about Halloween, and doing costumes/makeup:

Him: “How long do you think its gonna take?”

Me: “She said an hour but I think that’s just for me, idk.”

Him: “Dad wants us to leave the house by 4:30 so it should be fine right?”

Me: “You should be home between 4-4:45 depending on how long it takes for you.”

Him: “Cuz we have to be at grandmas by 4:45.”

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