I need some one to write an essay

i need 3 pages for this question about the topic which is “Are Humans Naturally Violent?”

  first page must review the yes side

second page must review the no side

third page is your response and your opinion 

the paper must be double spaced in APA style and the selling, grammar and organization must be perfect  

                          this is more structure  

1.To achieve an “S”, spelling, grammar, and organization must be good.  In addition, the content of the paper should follow these guidelines.

a.The paper must be at least 3 complete, double-spaced pages and stapled at the top.  A cover sheet should be attached that includes reaction paper title, your name, name of course, and time of course. Pages of the paper should be numbered.

b.The first page should review the Yes side of the issue as presented by the author.  Thesecond page should review the No side as presented by the other author.  The third page (and fourth if you choose) is your response to the topic–”Yes” or “No”–including how your response was influenced by the two authors’ arguments.

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