Media Analysis Paper/ Communication and Gender/ formal research paper/critical analysis/5-7 full pages


Media Analysis Paper

For this assignment students will be writing a media analysis paper, which is a formal research paper. Students should select one media text and analyze this text for gendered messaging. A media “text” can be anything (e.g., television series, television episode, a scene from a TV episode, a film, a song, a music video, an album, a commercial…). Once you have selected your text, you should offer a critical analysis of that text. Identify 2 or 3 dominant themes related to gender (these will be your main points). Explain and analyze these themes. Connect this to wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings.

Your paper should have a clear argument (thesis) and approximately 2-3 main points that support your thesis. A thesis statement is a one-sentence declarative statement that summarizes your central argument without explicitly stating your three main points. In your body paragraphs, you should develop your arguments fully and use examples to support your claims. Organization is important, so I recommend you spend some time outlining before writing your paper.

You are expected to cite a minimum of 5 credible sources (not including your textbook) in your analysis. Of the 5 sources, 4 must be scholarly, peer-reviewed sources (e.g., academic peer-reviewed journal articles or academic books or book chapters). You may use your textbook, but this will not count toward your required five sources. I expect that you will apply course concepts and/or theories in your analysis.


The purpose of the paper is to give you experience writing an academic research paper. This assignment is meant to aid in students’ understandings of, and retention of, concepts and theories discussed in class. Students will be asked to apply course concepts and/or theories in their analyses, integrate scholarly research into the development of their arguments, and engage in critical thinking.


  • § Paper must be 5-7 full pages (excluding title page and references). You do not need to include an abstract.
  • § Gender and communication must be central to your analysis.
  • § Paper should be well written and free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • § Paper should be well organized with all the necessary components of a paper (introduction,main points, transitions, conclusion).
  • § Paper should include a minimum of 5 sources (4 of which must be scholarly peer-reviewedsources). The course textbook not included in this count. Scholarly sources are peer-reviewed articles, peer-reviewed book chapters, and/or academic books. Note: The media text you are analyzing will not count as a source.
  • § The paper should be written in APA format, including:
  • o Title page
  • o Reference page
  • o Proper in-text citations
    o Correct formatting throughout the paper


Note: You may not use this example for your own paper
Let’s say I analyze The Bachelor. I might focus my analysis on how the show perpetuates

problematic gendered themes targeting women.

A sample thesis statement: The Bachelor, one of ABC’s more popular television programs, perpetuates a number of problematic gender stereotypes about women.
My three main points might focus on three dominant themes. Some possible main points might be:

  1. The Bachelor perpetuates the stereotype that women are cattie toward one another.
  2. The Bachelor advances the notion that women should strive for (and compete for) theattention of men.
  3. The Bachelor perpetuates the stereotype that women are overly emotional.

  1. EXAMPLE 2

Note: You may not use this example for your own paperLet’s say I analyze Sex and the City.

A sample thesis statement: Although Sex and The City has been highly praised for its feminist undertones, the show also perpetuates problematic gender messages.

Some possible main points might be:

  1. Sex and The City has been celebrated for its third wave feminist undertones.
    1. SATC is a show about women, for women.
    2. SATC highlighted important women’s issues (e.g., breast cancer, lesbianism,women’s sexuality, and more).
  2. Despite its progressive content, Sex and The City also recreates systems of inequality through its representation and content.a.
    1. SATC d
    2. SATC’s feminist messages reflected white feminism, failing account forinterlocking systems of power and oppression that shape women’s lives.

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