Aggression and Prosocial behavior

Please respond to the following:

· examine the issues and suggest at least two (2) options for society to deal
with children who display aggressive bullying behaviors toward other children.

Take a position for or
against the statement: Parents should be held legally responsible for
aggressive bullying behaviors if another child is hurt physically. Support your
response with examples and / or references.

Behavior: Helping Others” Please respond to the following:

Describe a time in
which you (or someone you know*), witnessed a stranger in need and provided
help. Explain the reasons you provided help and any feelings of embarrassment
that the helper or receiver seemed to experience. (Do not use the names of
people you discuss.)

Examine the four (4)
primary theories of prosocial behavior (a) empathy-altruism hypothesis, (b)
negative-state relief, (c) empathetic joy, and (d) genetic determinism. Discuss
the two (2) that you believe influence people most. Explain your reasons.

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